About Friendly Kritters

The Friendly Kritters™ started in 1983 under the name Scripture Pals. They first appeared in the magazine Israel My Glory (published by The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry). There was such a wonderful response to their introduction in the magazine, they found their way to the back cover and even a few times on the front cover with a demand for products featuring the "Kritters". That was request was met with the first wall calendar in 1987 shortly followed with cards, cross-stitch kits, magnets and mugs.

Over the years, the Friendly Kritters have been Licensed to many manuufacturers and distributors. ENESCO with figurines and mugs, Cranston with fabric designs, Heaven and Earth Designs with cross-stitch, Leanin Tree with cards, LifeWay with dinnerware, wearables, snowglobes, musicals, ornaments and more, just to name a few. We are honored to have been selected by so many to not only be represented by these organizations but given the opportunity to share the Message of God's Love with so many worldwide.

Today, the Friendly Kritters™ touch lives on every continent. We have received pictures, notes and greetings from dozens of countries. It is our desire to continue to produce quality products that will lift hearts and touch lives for eternity. As the artist, Tom Allen, enters his 70s, the day-to-day operations have been turned over to a new capable and creative team at FRIENDLY INSPIRATIONS. We are encouraged by their shared vision of creating quality products with the uplifting, heart-warming Message that has been the focus of THE FRIENDLY KRITTERS since their introduction in 1983.


Printed artisan greeting cards. Our cards are printed on high-quality card stock with at least 30% recycled content, and includes envelopes.

Greeting Card Designs

We offer an array of options on displaying your favorite Friendly Kritters. Choose from canvas, framed art or loose sheets, Friendly Kritters will feel right at home on your wall.

Art Print Designs

Friendly Kritters on your desk. Includes planners, calendars, notepads, notebooks, magnets and other products for general daily use and inspiration.

Office Items